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Kingdom Healthcare Services Ltd


Kingdom    Healthcare    Services    Ltd    is    one    of    the leading   companies   supplying   temporary   staff   and permanent           placements           to           healthcare establishments across United Kingdom. Kingdom     Healthcare     Services     Ltd     supplies     all medical    locums,    RGNs,    RMNs,    ODPs,    Healthcare Assistants,      Domiciliary      Carers      and      Support Workers. We   offer   quick   and   convenient   payment   to   staff each   and   every   week   and   our   pay   rates   are   some of   the   highest   in   the   industry   in   recognition   to   the skills   and   commitment   our   nurses   and   healthcare assistants possess.. We      have      the      strongest      and      most      robust compliance    procedures    in    the    industry    and    we provide   our   customers   with   full   details   on   each   of our    nurses    and    healthcare    assistants    for    their peace of mind.


It    is    our    vision    to    Match    and    Offer    choices    to    both Employers   and   Jobseekers   through   our   presence   across the   United   Kingdom.   We   do   this   for   both   temporary   and permanent   staff   job   placements.   In   addition,   we   provide comprehensive   training   courses   to   our   staff   and   external candidates. BE PART OF KINGDOM HEALTHCARE SERVICES LTD!


Our   approach   to   recruitment   is   unique   and   the   results   this   delivers   are   incomparable!   By using   Kingdom   Healthcare   Services   Ltd   to   find   a   new   placement   of   jobs,   you   can   ensure you are choosing a safe pair of hands for the next step in your healthcare career.

Why us

Kingdom       Healthcare       Services       Ltd       pride themselves   on   being   one   of   the   best   health   and social    care    recruitment    agencies    in    the    market with   a   wide   range   of   Public   and   Private   healthcare vacancies    and    Nursing    homes    jobs    vacancies available   for   our   candidates.   Our   ability   to   provide short   notice   staffing   is   outstanding   and   and   we have    a    24-hour    on    call    service    and    a    reliable availability   both   nursing   staff   and   carers.   We   have the     strongest     and     most     robust     compliance procedures in the industry.